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Coaches encourage and support their client(s) through difficult times, helping them to build on success and design, plan and implement new strategies.

These can be for personal or professional reasons. For example, the focus might be on leadership development, or working more effectively with a team, or ensuring that your style and approach to managing your people is improved.

There are a number of different coaching methodologies which can be used:

The GROW Model, associated with Sir John Whitmore, is a simple method for goal setting and problem solving.

It is used extensively as a way of achieving goals and solving problems. The model can be used by a coach to work with a client to identify a single or range of SMART goals, understand the issues/reality affecting their achievement, identify and challenge a number of options before ultimately agreeing a way forward with clear actions and desired outcomes.

Solution Focused Coaching. Usually associated with Anthony Grant and Michael Cavanagh, this approach considers how we can move the coachee towards identifying solutions…

to the issues under discussions by not spending too much time looking backwards but rather on looking forward to what needs to be done. This enables the coachee to put some steps in place leading to shifts in both his/her thinking and behaviour, and goal achievement.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. This approach emphasises the value of identifying realistic goals and helps to ensure the coachee’s self-awareness of his/her underlying emotional and cognitive barriers to achieving those goals.

Career Coaching. Whether you are a young person starting out in a career or well established in your role but feeling in a rut, I can help you to identify and take the next step(s).

I will help you to identify professional goals, overcome obstacles and develop plans that will move you forward.

No matter the approach I am taking or the focus of the coaching, I observe the professional ethical codes of practice of both the ICF and AC in all areas of my work, and ensure that confidentiality remains a core element of what goes on.