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Successful coaching is all about making a difference.

It is both about producing measurable results but also enabling an individual to develop his/her potential, and in turn making an impact of business performance.

In Executive Coaching we focus on helping managers or senior staff, who wish to make a change in the way they behave and perform in their work role. Issues at work and/or at home may be impacting on how well people can do their jobs.

For those in a managerial role this might be about working better with their team, improving relationships with senior colleagues, understanding one’s emotional intelligence and its impact on managerial behaviour, and so on.

For those who are not currently in employment, either job hunting or retired, we can focus on the challenges of choosing the right path forward that will be satisfying and fulfilling. This could be around new career opportunities, or undertaking voluntary work, or doing something completely different from one’s previous experience.

Individual and organisational concerns over work/life balance issues, flexible working patterns, staff retention, and the provision of life-long learning development opportunities, have all contributed to an increasing and effective use of coaching and coaching methodologies in order to both help the individual progress as well as optimise their impact on the business.