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Coaching is based on the principle of helping people to help themselves make change and improvement in their lives.


Reach out for your goals


Make the move from good to exceptional


Bring out your A game in the workplace

Coaching anyone is less about unravelling problems and difficulties and more about finding solutions and helping people to improve the way they think and feel about themselves and the way they perform in their work role.

In the workplace it might be used with people who are underperforming or people who are doing fine, but want to do better. For those who have left work it may help with choices about ‘what next?’ by exploring options and opportunities.

My coaching will help you set challenging aspirations by breaking any negative belief cycle, enabling you to EMPOWER yourself to change and take control of the areas in your life that hold you back from achieving your potential.


Angela started working with me at the crucial start-up of my new business idea. I was full of optimism, enthusiasm and energy, but I also needed encouragement and focus for dealing with the practical realities that make the difference between making it and not.

Angela helped me in very practical ways:

• to clarify my business idea and turn it into the language of the customer
• to plan potential job opportunities, especially with new customers
• to rehearse how to get the most out of customer meetings
• to sharpen up my approach through her use of critical questioning

Deputy CEO

Angela has been supportive and constructive throughout all of our sessions over the last 5 years.

She listens well, is practical and our sessions are always well structured with focus on facilitating prompt progress towards an end goal or outcome.

Challenging questions often prompt me to reflect on my own behaviour or handling of situations and how I may have handled things differently.

My confidence and skills in dealing with complex issues has definitely developed thanks to Corporate Elevation.

Interim CFO and Director of Companies, Media and Precious Metal Sectors